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Ideate. Design. Create.

Creating a Manufacturing and Prototyping community.
We here at Mesh3 believe in bring the power of manufacturing and prototyping to you. Solving new challenges every day, we innovate, collaborate and reinvent for a better future.

We provide top-notch products and services, helping you think and build beyond your boundaries.

Build it with us

Rapid prototyping of ideas

We here at MESH3 believe in freedom of ideation and creativity.


  • Have a concept/idea for a product?
  • Have multiple ideas? Try them all out.
  • Iterative design process? We will help get each iterative prototype out faster.
    No need of spending months in development process.
  • Spend time on prototyping and get professional looking prototypes.
  • Save up on money by rapid prototyping.


  • Build robots, battleships, airplanes or maybe just a sculpture?
  • No need of burning holes in your pocket.
  • Build complex structures with ease.
  • No limit on creativity.
  • Running short of time? We can help with that.

Educational Institutes

  • Build educational tools.
  • Keep students in touch with advancing manufacturing technology.
  • Give the power of creation to students and teachers.
  • Enhance research prototyping rates.
  • Decrease research prototyping costs.
  • Focus on research and not prototyping.

To Anyone Who Is A MAKER

  • Save up on costs.
  • Freedom of customisation and complexity.
  • Save time.
  • Focus on what is important.
  • Decrease research prototyping costs.
  • Focus on research and not prototyping.

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